Friday, December 20, 2013

christmas outfit inspiration ♡

hey there!
as you can see by the title todays post is going to be a post for inspiration what to wear on Christmas.  I have 3 different ones. each for a different occasion.
hope you enjoy it ♡

oh and happy holidays to you all!!:)

                                                                         outfit no1
                                                          knit cardigan + coated black jeans

this one id wear for like a coming over with friends or just to get into xmas spirit

outfit no2 
cordhose, pullover, hemd + blazer

to me this is like super cute and chic for a christmas dinner

outdoutfit no3

oversized pullover, shorts + tights

let the christmas party get starteeeed!
so this is perfect for like any christmas party, night out,.. youre going to!:)

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